Water Cooler Talks

On the occasion of the annual exhibition (Rundgang) at the Städelschule, the students of the master’s program Curatorial Studies invite curators, artists and institutional agents in the art field to public conversations in the school’s auditorium. The following talks were realized in the past:


14.02./15.02.2020: Uriel Orlow in conversation with Lina Louisa Krämer accompanied by Theresa Dettinger and Leonie Schmiese (Curatorial Studies), Yasmil Raymond and Haegue Yang moderated by Asta Mandelsloh and Johanna Weiß (Curatorial Studies), Miriam Cahn in conversation with Philippe Pirotte, Lenka Kukurová and Bojana Kunst moderated by Anneliese Ostertag und Teodora Talhoş (Curatorial Studies).


15.02./16.02.2019: Clémentine Deliss and Melanie Roumiguière in conversation with Philipp Lange and Carlotta Wald (Curatorial Studies); Bunny Rogers with Pia Bendfeld and Alke Heykes (Curatorial Studies); Lynn Hershman Leeson with Philippe Pirotte; Harm van den Dorpel with Seda Pesen and Anna-Lisa Scherfose (Curatorial Studies).


09.11./ Ulla Heinrich and Antje Krause-Wahl in conversation with Yevgeniy Breyger and Lea Steinkampf (Curatorial Studies); Gabi Ngcobo and Philippe Pirotte with Ben Livne Weitzman (Curatorial Studies); Christina Lehnert and Viktoria Draganova with Dennis Brzek (Curatorial Studies); Susanne Pfeffer and Johannes Paul Raether with Peter Hess (Curatorial Studies).


03./04.06.2017: Rayan Abdullah in conversation with Sophie Buscher and Hannah Grimmer (Curatorial Studies); Kolja Reichert and Agnieszka Roguski with Alice Gustson and Maximilian Wahlich (Curatorial Studies); Martin Schmidl with Sina Brückner and Isabelle Tondre (Curatorial Studies).


13./14.02.2016: Sean Lynch in conversation with Line Ebert (Curatorial Studies), Il-Jin Atem Choi, Anders Dickson and Julian Irlinger with Franziska Linhardt and Bernard Vienat (Studierende Curatorial Studies); Vivien Trommer with Nora Neuhaus (Curatorial Studies).


14.02.2015: Adela Demetja and Flaka Haliti in conversation with Muriel Meyer and Sebastian Schneider (Curatorial Studies); Peggy Buth, Johannes Will and Eveline Wüthrich with Milena Maffei and Clara Sterzinger (Curatorial Studies), Alexander Baczynski-Jenkins and Fabian Schöneich with Clare Molloy and José Segebre (Curatorial Studies).


15./16.02.2014: Daniel Birnbaum and Philippe Pirotte in conversation with Milan Ther (Curatorial Studies); Susanne Pfeffer with Miriam Bettin and Jan Tappe (Curatorial Studies); Sophie von Olfers with Elena Frickmann and Felix Bröcker (Curatorial Studies).